Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Walking Dead (AMC TV)

AMC is about to embark on its 5th season of the Walking Dead and I finally got on the bandwagon.  When this series started I was not in a position to watch due to the fact that I was never home and did not have access to a TV where I was.  This past weekend AMC had a Walking Dead marathon.  I watched a bunch of episodes and now I am hooked.  Will be going back on Netflix and starting from the beginning.

While the beginning of the series was all about surviving the dead, what it has become is how can those that survived the disease survive each other.  From all the advertisements about the upcoming season, that is what the show will focus on.

What I know is this...the writing of the show is amazing.  The actors have done wonderful work with the script.  The direction and cinematography is amazing as well.  If you have not watched this show yet, like I did, it might be time to start.  I know.  ZOMBIES!  Zombies are a vehicle of the show.  The show is about surviving and navigating a world that has lost its mind.

Catch up on Netflix and watch the new season on AMC Sundays at 9p.

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