Monday, October 20, 2014

The Book of Life (2014)

The Book of Life hit theaters this past week and I have to say it was very charming.  It is not your normal Halloween cartoon.  Based of the Mexican Day of the Dead celebration, the movie follows two friends as they try for the hand of Maria. 

Joaquin and Manolo are in love with Maria.  As kids they are touched by the rulers of the Land of the Remembered and the Land of the Forgotten.  Manolo is generous and helps an old woman.  She blesses him with a pure heart.  Joaquin is not so generous and is offered a trade instead.  The trade is for a medal that will keep him from harm.

The kids grow up.  Joaquin and Manolo in Mexico and Maria back in Spain.  Once she returns to Mexico the game for Maria's hand begins.

I have to say there were times, I was the only person laughing.  The reason was there was songs that musically were appropriate, but who actually wrote the songs was just wrong.  There is a Biz Markie tune.  The one that almost had me on the floor Creep by Radiohead.  Don't get me wrong, the music worked very well in this film.  Just caught me off guard and I could not help myself from laughing very loud.

Your kids will very much enjoy this movie.  There are voice that you will recognize, but most you will not.  I recommend this film.  Very much worth the money.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Major League Basball Championship Series on Fox and TBS

This will be an odd review.  I don't think there has been anyone that has reviewed a sports event to the general public.  So, let me say this...if you are a sports fan and like games that are close and nail-bitters, this year's postseason for Major League Baseball are for you.

Kansas City Royals are leading the American League series 2-0.  Two more wins and the Royals will be the American Leagues reps for the World Series.  Baltimore Orioles are trying to come back from two games down.  Not an easy task.  As I am watching game 3, it is tied at 1 run a piece.  These are the types of games that are exciting.  The funny thing with sports is that the wheels can come off for a team in a second.  In game 2, that is what happened to the Orioles.  The game was tight and then bad things happened.  Game 3 was actually suppose to be last night, but mother nature had other ideas.

In the National League, San Francisco Giants took a 2-1 lead over the St. Louis Cardinals in a 10 inning game 3.  All the games in this series have been nail-biters.  All have been 1 run games.  Game 2 saw the Cards win the game on a home run.  Game 3, the Giants scored the winning run in the 10th because of an error made by the Cards.

This season's playoffs are exciting and nerve-racking.  Even if your team is not in the post season, spend some time and watch these games.  They are exciting. 

And yes, I am hoping that the San Francisco Giants win it all. 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Walking Dead (AMC TV)

AMC is about to embark on its 5th season of the Walking Dead and I finally got on the bandwagon.  When this series started I was not in a position to watch due to the fact that I was never home and did not have access to a TV where I was.  This past weekend AMC had a Walking Dead marathon.  I watched a bunch of episodes and now I am hooked.  Will be going back on Netflix and starting from the beginning.

While the beginning of the series was all about surviving the dead, what it has become is how can those that survived the disease survive each other.  From all the advertisements about the upcoming season, that is what the show will focus on.

What I know is this...the writing of the show is amazing.  The actors have done wonderful work with the script.  The direction and cinematography is amazing as well.  If you have not watched this show yet, like I did, it might be time to start.  I know.  ZOMBIES!  Zombies are a vehicle of the show.  The show is about surviving and navigating a world that has lost its mind.

Catch up on Netflix and watch the new season on AMC Sundays at 9p.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Gracepoint (Fox TV)

Gracepoint on Fox.  Wow, first episode landed a bunch of twists and turns that I did not think was going to happen.  If you have not started watching this show yet, get started.  It is on Fox Thursday nights at 9p and of course On-Demand and

Gracepoint is a sleepy Northern California coast town where nothing really happens.  Then out of nowhere, a boy is found face down on the beach dead.  The new detective in town has a past he will probably like to hide.  The resident detective was passed over the job the new detective got and is not happy.  The big twist happens after the dead boy's best friend is told that he is dead.  If you have not watched the first episode yet and even if you have, I will not spoil that here.

David Tennant plays Det. Carver and is the new detective in town.  If Tennant's name rings a bell, he played Doctor Who for a couple seasons.  Nick Nolte is in this show as well.  Have not seen him in much recently.  There are many familiar faces in the show.

As I said, watch this show.  The series will only last ten episodes.  All will be revealed by the end. 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Flash (CW TV)

Just finished watching the pilot episode of The Flash.  Not bad.  Not great, but it has potential to turn into something really good.

The producers laid down a good foundation with endless possible villains and friends to find due to the 'accident' that gave Barry Allen (The Flash) his powers. 

Grant Gustin plays Barry Allen.  As a huge fan of the animated Justice League, they do take a lot from the Wally West/Flash character's background. 

There are a couple familiar TV faces in this film.  Jesse L. Martin plays Detective Joe West who is a father figure to the Flash.  And Tom Cavanagh plays Harrison Wells.  Wells knows the Flash's secrets, but also is revealed to the audience at the end of the pilot as something other than what he is portraying. 

Martin spent several season on Law and Order.  While Cavanagh played the title character in Ed. 

The cast is good.  I expect that they will get better as the season progresses.  The writing is about the same as the acting.  This is the first episode of the season folks, what did you expect?

The show has potential and is placed very well following Arrow on Wednesday nights.  My suggestion is to be patient and see how the season progresses.  First impressions are not always the best.  Especially, for TV shows.   Flash is on the CW Wednesday nights at 9pm.  Give it a shot.

Wow, if only I could get paid for this?  Nah.  While getting paid would be nice, this is fun.

Hey, tell me what you think.  Leave a comment and play nice.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Arrow (CW TV)

Again, as you can see I am a comic book hero fan.  Arrow is now going into season 3 and with Slade now out of the way, what will be next for Oliver and the gang.

Thea has found out that the man she thought was her dad, was not.  She is now with her real father Malcolm Merlin.  Oliver and Felicity are about to have a thing.  And who will be the new villains be this season?

From what I was able to find, some people from Oliver's time on and off the island before heading back to Sterling City will be making an appearance.  Count Vertigo is suppose to make an appearance and cause havoc in episode 1.

There were rumors that Ra's al Ghul will be in season 3. Would only make sense with all the talk of the League of Shadows through the entire series so far.  And I was able to find an article saying that Matt Nable of Riddick fame will play the part.

This series does have a cartoonish feel and look to it.  However, the story line is interesting and the actors are good with what they are working with.  The only criticism that I would give is that the writing has become a bit predictable.  Oli makes a decision, Felicity and Diggle argue with him about it.  He does what he decided to do, fails.  Apologizes in someway to Felicity and Diggle.  They help and all is fine in the world.  Problem is that this keeps happening.  Could we change it up a bit please?

Arrow is not unique to this problem of writing style.  Most TV series that I have watched in the last several years use this exact formula.  So, the story line still works.  Just a bit predictable on how the problem in the story is going to be solved.

Arrow is a good show.  Will be worth your time and don't be surprised if the DC movies coming out and the TV shows start syncing up.  Similar to what Marvel has done with Agents of Shield and the Thor/Captain America films have done.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Haven (Syfy TV)

I guess you can see what my preference has been for TV shows.  I started watching Haven during the first season and wasn't too sure whether I liked it or not.  Part of the reason I started watching was due to Eric Balfour.  Always thought he was a good actor.  First time I saw Balfour was on the pilot episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Problem with that was his character was killed.  Next time I saw him was on an episode of West Wing.  Kept thinking that this kid needed to get a featured role somewhere then I saw the ads for Haven.  Liked Stephen King to a degree, so, started watching.

The series itself has done well from a story telling point of view.  The mythology leading to where they are now in the 5th season.  I would say things are getting weird, but that would depend on I consider weird.  With the change of Audrey to Mara and the introduction of William a new wrinkle has been added to the show.  I am just not sure if these wrinkles work yet.  Last season with the havoc that William was causing and the production looking like it might be wrapping up soon, I figured that the show would try and wrap everything up in a nice little bow.  Boy, was I wrong. 

I have really liked this show.  Just do not have any idea where it is going.  Normally, I would like the guessing.  However, this time around just not sure if I really care.  Will give it a few more episodes to see if some of my assumptions are true and certain people that they believe are dead happen to not be. 

Oh, and some of the 'troubles' that people are having are really starting to be ridiculous.  One woman had laser beams coming out of her body.  What?  I think they can do better than that.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Sleepy Hollow (FOX TV)

Sleepy Hollow on Fox has returned for its second season and like the other TV shows that I have posted about this past week, this is another show that has potential. 

We are now into the second episode of the season and things are getting a tad tense.  Everyone is out of purgatory.  Crane has left his love in the clutches of the Headless Horseman who happens to be an old friend.  Well, maybe not friend, but they knew each during the revolutionary war.  Abigail's sister has been arrested with a small arsenal of firearms and someone signed a contract in blood.  And you know those never end well.

This is another show that keeps you guessing.  Some of the story can be a bit out in unbelievable world, but if you can work past that it is a really good show.  With the new sheriff, however, kind of don't like the hard ass character that will not believe the paranormal at work in my town thing.  This was the first episode this character was in, so I could change my mind in the coming weeks.  Seems a bit predictable and formulaic, but as I said...I could be wrong.

Things are about to get really crazy.  With certain characters in play a large event should be happening soon in the show.  I would expect a large mid season cliffhanger and a couple others during the first part of the season as well.  Just a feeling I have.

I watch via On-Demand, so time and day of airing I do not have.  It is on Fox as stated.  Can also watch on

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Marvel's Agents of Shield (ABC TV)

We are in season 2 of Marvel's Agents of Shield.  Not bad of a start.  Still trying to find out where this is going, but I like the mystery.  Makes we want to watch more.

As I mentioned with Gotham, Agents of Shield does have that stigma of being a comic book story.  And as with Gotham, the story is so much more than that.  There IS a great mystery going on.  If you are familiar with Marvel Comics, you know that there is so many different factions that can be a part of the story lines. 

We know about Shield.  We know about Hydra.  But who is Raina working for?  We know that she has had ties with Hydra, but she seems to now be working for someone else.  This is why it is a good mystery.  The show leaves you guessing each week.

If you are not a comic book fan, I ask that you still give this show a chance.  Yes, it does lend itself to science fiction and fantasy story telling.  That being said, the actors are wonderful and the writing will keep you guessing. 

I say give it a shot if you haven't already.  If you focus more on the story and the quest of the agents to do what is best for mankind, the super power silliness might just make sense and end up adding to the story and the stakes that face the agents.