Monday, October 20, 2014

The Book of Life (2014)

The Book of Life hit theaters this past week and I have to say it was very charming.  It is not your normal Halloween cartoon.  Based of the Mexican Day of the Dead celebration, the movie follows two friends as they try for the hand of Maria. 

Joaquin and Manolo are in love with Maria.  As kids they are touched by the rulers of the Land of the Remembered and the Land of the Forgotten.  Manolo is generous and helps an old woman.  She blesses him with a pure heart.  Joaquin is not so generous and is offered a trade instead.  The trade is for a medal that will keep him from harm.

The kids grow up.  Joaquin and Manolo in Mexico and Maria back in Spain.  Once she returns to Mexico the game for Maria's hand begins.

I have to say there were times, I was the only person laughing.  The reason was there was songs that musically were appropriate, but who actually wrote the songs was just wrong.  There is a Biz Markie tune.  The one that almost had me on the floor Creep by Radiohead.  Don't get me wrong, the music worked very well in this film.  Just caught me off guard and I could not help myself from laughing very loud.

Your kids will very much enjoy this movie.  There are voice that you will recognize, but most you will not.  I recommend this film.  Very much worth the money.

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