Thursday, October 9, 2014

Gracepoint (Fox TV)

Gracepoint on Fox.  Wow, first episode landed a bunch of twists and turns that I did not think was going to happen.  If you have not started watching this show yet, get started.  It is on Fox Thursday nights at 9p and of course On-Demand and

Gracepoint is a sleepy Northern California coast town where nothing really happens.  Then out of nowhere, a boy is found face down on the beach dead.  The new detective in town has a past he will probably like to hide.  The resident detective was passed over the job the new detective got and is not happy.  The big twist happens after the dead boy's best friend is told that he is dead.  If you have not watched the first episode yet and even if you have, I will not spoil that here.

David Tennant plays Det. Carver and is the new detective in town.  If Tennant's name rings a bell, he played Doctor Who for a couple seasons.  Nick Nolte is in this show as well.  Have not seen him in much recently.  There are many familiar faces in the show.

As I said, watch this show.  The series will only last ten episodes.  All will be revealed by the end. 

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