Monday, October 6, 2014

Arrow (CW TV)

Again, as you can see I am a comic book hero fan.  Arrow is now going into season 3 and with Slade now out of the way, what will be next for Oliver and the gang.

Thea has found out that the man she thought was her dad, was not.  She is now with her real father Malcolm Merlin.  Oliver and Felicity are about to have a thing.  And who will be the new villains be this season?

From what I was able to find, some people from Oliver's time on and off the island before heading back to Sterling City will be making an appearance.  Count Vertigo is suppose to make an appearance and cause havoc in episode 1.

There were rumors that Ra's al Ghul will be in season 3. Would only make sense with all the talk of the League of Shadows through the entire series so far.  And I was able to find an article saying that Matt Nable of Riddick fame will play the part.

This series does have a cartoonish feel and look to it.  However, the story line is interesting and the actors are good with what they are working with.  The only criticism that I would give is that the writing has become a bit predictable.  Oli makes a decision, Felicity and Diggle argue with him about it.  He does what he decided to do, fails.  Apologizes in someway to Felicity and Diggle.  They help and all is fine in the world.  Problem is that this keeps happening.  Could we change it up a bit please?

Arrow is not unique to this problem of writing style.  Most TV series that I have watched in the last several years use this exact formula.  So, the story line still works.  Just a bit predictable on how the problem in the story is going to be solved.

Arrow is a good show.  Will be worth your time and don't be surprised if the DC movies coming out and the TV shows start syncing up.  Similar to what Marvel has done with Agents of Shield and the Thor/Captain America films have done.

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  1. From a friend of mine on Facebook:
    Started watching this when it first came out and despite the profusion of totally gorgeous women, the archery, and the cool fighting, I could not deal with the bad acting and terrible dialogue. Tuned back in during season 2 reruns, and it was better. I missed a lot of details, but I'll probably check out the new season... Hope The Flash starts off better. You are also completely right about the way the episodes all work...sigh. Have you checked out Person of Interest? I like it, but you have to roll with Jim Caveizel being a block of wood.