Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Major League Basball Championship Series on Fox and TBS

This will be an odd review.  I don't think there has been anyone that has reviewed a sports event to the general public.  So, let me say this...if you are a sports fan and like games that are close and nail-bitters, this year's postseason for Major League Baseball are for you.

Kansas City Royals are leading the American League series 2-0.  Two more wins and the Royals will be the American Leagues reps for the World Series.  Baltimore Orioles are trying to come back from two games down.  Not an easy task.  As I am watching game 3, it is tied at 1 run a piece.  These are the types of games that are exciting.  The funny thing with sports is that the wheels can come off for a team in a second.  In game 2, that is what happened to the Orioles.  The game was tight and then bad things happened.  Game 3 was actually suppose to be last night, but mother nature had other ideas.

In the National League, San Francisco Giants took a 2-1 lead over the St. Louis Cardinals in a 10 inning game 3.  All the games in this series have been nail-biters.  All have been 1 run games.  Game 2 saw the Cards win the game on a home run.  Game 3, the Giants scored the winning run in the 10th because of an error made by the Cards.

This season's playoffs are exciting and nerve-racking.  Even if your team is not in the post season, spend some time and watch these games.  They are exciting. 

And yes, I am hoping that the San Francisco Giants win it all. 

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