Thursday, October 2, 2014

Sleepy Hollow (FOX TV)

Sleepy Hollow on Fox has returned for its second season and like the other TV shows that I have posted about this past week, this is another show that has potential. 

We are now into the second episode of the season and things are getting a tad tense.  Everyone is out of purgatory.  Crane has left his love in the clutches of the Headless Horseman who happens to be an old friend.  Well, maybe not friend, but they knew each during the revolutionary war.  Abigail's sister has been arrested with a small arsenal of firearms and someone signed a contract in blood.  And you know those never end well.

This is another show that keeps you guessing.  Some of the story can be a bit out in unbelievable world, but if you can work past that it is a really good show.  With the new sheriff, however, kind of don't like the hard ass character that will not believe the paranormal at work in my town thing.  This was the first episode this character was in, so I could change my mind in the coming weeks.  Seems a bit predictable and formulaic, but as I said...I could be wrong.

Things are about to get really crazy.  With certain characters in play a large event should be happening soon in the show.  I would expect a large mid season cliffhanger and a couple others during the first part of the season as well.  Just a feeling I have.

I watch via On-Demand, so time and day of airing I do not have.  It is on Fox as stated.  Can also watch on

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