Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Marvel's Agents of Shield (ABC TV)

We are in season 2 of Marvel's Agents of Shield.  Not bad of a start.  Still trying to find out where this is going, but I like the mystery.  Makes we want to watch more.

As I mentioned with Gotham, Agents of Shield does have that stigma of being a comic book story.  And as with Gotham, the story is so much more than that.  There IS a great mystery going on.  If you are familiar with Marvel Comics, you know that there is so many different factions that can be a part of the story lines. 

We know about Shield.  We know about Hydra.  But who is Raina working for?  We know that she has had ties with Hydra, but she seems to now be working for someone else.  This is why it is a good mystery.  The show leaves you guessing each week.

If you are not a comic book fan, I ask that you still give this show a chance.  Yes, it does lend itself to science fiction and fantasy story telling.  That being said, the actors are wonderful and the writing will keep you guessing. 

I say give it a shot if you haven't already.  If you focus more on the story and the quest of the agents to do what is best for mankind, the super power silliness might just make sense and end up adding to the story and the stakes that face the agents.

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