Thursday, September 4, 2014

Tomorrow When the War Began (2010)

I have decided that I will be watching more foreign films.  Tomorrow When the War Began is the Australian version of Red Dawn.  However, this version is really good.

Ellie and Corey decide that they want to have a friends only camping trip out in the bush.  After the trials of getting the group together all the teenagers try to impress each other.  Usual teenage stuff.  Then one night, several planes fly overhead.  However, unlike both versions of Red Dawn we do not see the carnage until the kids head back to town and find all their homes abandoned. 

Another difference between Red Dawn and Tomorrow is that there are no attempts to fight back until the end of the film.  This story deals more with the psychological state of the group and how they finally come to the decision to fight back.  Red Dawn was all about the action and showing that no matter what Americans will fight back no matter what their age.

I was very impressed with this film.  The acting was wonderful.  Storyline was very well thought out.  Wonderful cinematography and direction.  It was just well done.  Currently on Netflix and I say it is a must see.

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