Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Lost Girl (SyFy TV)

As you have probably noticed by most of the movies and TV that I have posted, I am a sci-fi geek.  I had heard from a couple friends that Lost Girl was a show that I should watch.  At one point I had caught a random episode and really didn't care.  But then, as usual, I saw that it was on Netflix and decided to give it another whirl.  This time from the beginning.

Ok, I got hooked.  The storyline is not bad.  The acting is a bit weak at times, but otherwise pretty good.  And I do have to say that the acting got better as the series went on.  And yes, I did some serious binge watching.  There are four seasons on Netflix at the moment.  The show producers have announced that there will be another season which will end the show.

Anna Silk plays Bo the sex crazed succubus that actually has a good heart.  Knesia Soto plays the best friend Kenzi.  They meet at a bar after a guy tries to drug Kenzi so he can get some nookie.  Then the insanity goes from there.

The show is produced in Canada.  Seems to be a bit low budget, but like I said this is a pretty fun show.  And again, I love me some Sci-Fi.  Throw in women in tight clothing and I am really happy.  Yes, I just had a sexist moment.  Please forgive me.  I am male.

If you have not watched this yet and you happen to be a Sci-Fi fan, hop on Netflix and give it a shot.  you might be pleasantly surprised.

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