Monday, September 22, 2014

Citizen Koch (2013)

Citizen Koch is a documentary about the Citizen United Supreme Court decision in 2009 and how money has influenced politics since then.  And the main beneficiaries of the Citizen United case has been the Koch Brothers.

Now I hate to get political, but with the 2014 midterm elections coming up the nation should be getting involved in some way.  Learning more about the candidates, the issues and registering to vote.  Whichever way you (as a reader of this post) lean politically, you have to admit that money has a corrupting affect on everything.  Most of all money corrupts the ability to lead effectively and effectively for all.

Watch this documentary.  I will say it is slanted as most documentaries are.  That being said, several of the people who were affected most happen to be republican.  What I think the ultimate point of this documentary is was to show that ALL citizens are affected by this court decision.  All levels of politics are now corrupted by high dollar donors.  And with the focus on Wisconsin, while the Gov Scott Walker and his campaign say that they are fighting union money trying to discredit them, the truth was that the money that came to his aid was in a ratio of 8 to 1.  Not exactly honest, but he is a politcian.

You can find Citizen Koch on Netflix.  With an election coming up very soon, might be a good time to see what the process is like these days.

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