Thursday, September 11, 2014

Abyss (1989)

Abyss (1989) was another one of those sci-fi films that did not get a lot of respect in the theaters.  However, it did really well in rentals and on movie channels. 

Abyss follows a group of deep water divers searching for a lost submarine.  What they discover is some type of life form that can control water.  Of course there is deep conflict within the group between the military and civilian members.

As I mentioned with Krull, this is one of those films that should get a remake.  The difference between remaking Krull and Abyss is that I feel that Abyss could use some tweaking of the story.  The end of Abyss was a bit anticlimactic, but if they went with the original script the movie would not suck at all.

Abyss is not on Netflix at the moment.  Will probably have to be something you will have to buy online or be lucky and find it in a Best Buy or another store like that.

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