Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Justice League (TV Series 2001-2006)

Yes, I am posting another animated selection.  This one, however, is a classic.  At least for me it is. 

As a long time fan of comic books, finding the TV equivalent was difficult for many years.  As a kid I had Super Friends.  Looking back on that show and the many others of the time, those shows were pretty bad.  However, as a kid I didn't know any better.

But things started getting better in the 90's.  Batman the Animated Series came out.  It was dark and more realistic and not campy or cheesy.  The Superman had his own series for a few seasons.  Then Justice League

Now there are two separate series that are part of the Justice League story line.  The first focuses on the main seven.  Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, J'onn J'onzz, Flash and Hawkgirl.  The second season brings in many more heroes and follows a story line that involves Lex Luthor, the government and a clone.

This is a good entertaining series.  And if I can get my 7 year old daughter into the show, any parent that is a fan of the comic book world should be able to pass the enjoyment on to their kids. 

Now I know that the live action version of Justice League is coming out in a couple years.  Don't wait.  The animated Justice League is a good way to introduce your kids to the DC universe to get them prepared for what they will see when Justice League is finally released in live action.

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