Monday, August 11, 2014

Robin Williams (1951-2014)

I was thinking about listing my top 5 movies that Robin Williams appeared in.  The problem is his body of work is so vast and most of it so good that there is no way to choose just 5.

All I can say is that Mr. Williams will be greatly missed.  But here is what I plan to do and I hope you all (like the 5 of you that read this site) will do as well.  I plan to remember his work.  Remember the laughter he brought.  Remember the talent he brought to stage and screen.  I was lucky enough to meet him once.  Exchange a quick word with him.  We happen to have the same professor.  I was there 20 years later, but we still had something in common.  I will remember that day and that handshake as long as my brain continues to function.

I thank you Robin Williams for sharing your life with us.  You brought us great joy.  God speed on your journey.

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