Saturday, August 23, 2014

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV 1997-2003)

I know.  This is not a movie.  The show started out as one and I thought the movie was horrible and cheesy and a giant waste of time.  That being said, the TV show made up for it.  And I thought that I would throw in some of my favorite TV shows on this blog as well. 

Buffy the Vampire Slayer hit TV back in 1997.  For me, I was hooked.  The dialog was clever.  The acting was good.  The cast had great chemistry.  The only draw back was that the make up was not the best, but the fight scenes kind of made up for that.

The reason I write this is I really wanted to focus on three episodes that should have won Emmys, but were never nominated.  Or at least should have given nominations for performances.  First is Hush.  Mid season 4, Sunnyvale loses its voice.  Literally the whole town cannot speak.  So, for about 20 or so minutes of screen time the cast does not speak to each other.  Was very interesting to see how the group would communicate.  Secrets were revealed and awkwardness came about after the baddies were eliminated.

Next in season 5, The Body.  This episode was brilliant.  If you really listen, you will realize that there is no background music at all through the entire episode.  Buffy finds her mom dead in the house and how the group handles the death is on full display.  The performances on this episode are the best throughout the series.

Finally, season 6.  Once More With Feeling... This is the musical episode.  Again, brilliant. The singing performances are decent enough that you don't really want to turn it off.  This is a big reveal for the storyline as well.  Near the end of the episode Buffy lets the group know something that stuns everyone.  For those that have scene it, you know what I am talking about.  For those who haven't, get Netflix and watch the entire series.  Especially season 5.  There is context that you need to understand the reveal.

The entire series is done incredibly well.  Does not really stand the test of time, but if there were to give it a reboot I am sure improvements can be made. 

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